Sticky M. A.

From his beginnings as part of the AGZ crew to his solo adventures, Sticky has established himself as one of the most unique and influential acts in the current Spanish musical landscape. On “Chill Trill” (2014) and Agorazein’s “Siempre” album (2016) he captured the essence of what everyone calls “trap” today. Soon after, his first solo mixtape “Las Pegajosas Aventuras de Sticky M.A.” (2018) opened a new creative route that would be followed by “5ta Dimensión” (2019), a collection of songs entirely produced by ex-Pxxr Gvng member Steve Lean. Then “Konbanwa” (2020) solidified him as one of the most personal voices in the Spanish and Latin American scenes. Recent singles "Gore" and “Kasei” showed again he’s unpredictable and left everyone wondering what will come next.